Diederik Koopman

Diederik is one of the two founders of Dutch Crypto Consultancy, his roles in the company are chief executive officer and consultant. He is very fond about technology and a real Blockchain enthousiast.

During my childhood, I kept myself busy with computers and information technology. When I was introduced to the concept of the Blockchain, decentralized ledgers and cryptocurrencies, I immediately saw the potential. In my view, The applications of Blockchain are infinite.

My reason for setting up Dutch Crypto Consultancy was that I wanted to help people understand and apply these new technologies. In my opinion, everyone should have the possibility to use Blockchain and Cryptotech to take advantage of the additional benefits, I want to help people with using Blockchain en Cryptotech so that they can use it in a secure and effective way.

One of the concepts that I like about Blockchain applications is that you can make use of resources that almost everyone has at home or at the office. Therefore no extra equipment has to be purchased in order to generate cryptocurrencies and extra value, which creates a sense of accessibility. Blockchain technologies allow organizations as well as individuals to exchange assets in a safe and efficient way, without an intermediary. In my view, Blockchain can have an extensive contribution towards the development of a shared economy.

Tiemen Straver

Tiemen is one of the two founders of Dutch Crypto Consultancy, his roles in the company are chief financial officer and consultant. Tiemen is an expert regarding the use of Blockchain with financial products.

I believe that the Blockchain technology has the potential to create many useful and essential applications for a wide range of businesses and individuals. It is therefore, that I have expanded my knowledge, by means of numerous courses, to fully gauge all the potential applications of the Blockchain technology.

Besides Blockchain applications, i also devote my time to cryptocurrency trading. A few years ago, I became a victim of cryptocurrency theft, as i was not fully aware of cryptocurrency security. I used to keep my cryptocurrencies on an online exchange. The owner of that exchange however, looted mine and others cryptocurrencies. Owing to these kind of events, cryptocurrencies have been on the news mainly in negative publications, shaping a wrong picture of the decentralized currency, given that if you know how to keep cryptocurrencies safe, there is almost no risk to theft.

I therefore consider it as one of our duties to help currently uninformed individuals and businesses in a secure manner into the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies to ensure that they do not suffer because of a few individuals with wrong intentions and make sure that they can enjoy all the benefits that Blockchain technology offers them .