Bitcoins, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Wallets. Ledgers, Nodes. It is very understandable that you are struggling with this ravel of terms that exist to get hold of these technologies. We are happy to assist you. As an individual, you can have a lot of advantages by using, and also certainly by understanding these innovative technologies. Examples of benefits you can take advantage of: independence, much lower transaction costs than at your bank, increasing privacy and anonymity and increasing transaction speed. In addition, we must also not forget that it is possible to make price gains through cryptocurrencies (there is of course also the risk of price loss) and that it is possible to exploit unused digital resources that you have at home and at your office in order to earn a profit.

In short, it’s very logical to want to know more about these technologies and that you want to take advantage of them. We would very much like to help you take advantage of the benefits.

How we can help you:
We can explain and advise on cryptocurrencies (the category where the known Bitcoin is included), how the system works behind the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, what the Blockchain is, what the difference is for example between Bitcoin and Ethereum, how you can acquire cryptocurrencies and how to store them safely, how to trade them and how to use them for purchases and how to sell them again.
In addition, we can explain and advise you on how to use Blockchain technologies through exploiting, for example your computer, to earn in a safe way.

For further questions or concerns, please contact us.